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Leeward Judo Club Dojo Locations:

  • Pearl City High School Cafeteria - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Kapolei - Hawaii Tokai International College Auditorium - Tuesday, Thursday

Check the calendar to see practice times.

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  Kevin Asano featured on

Here's a great article written recently that interviewed senior advisor, Kevin Asano on his career, history and family.  Read the full article here on


Enrollment Information

Leeward Judo Club welcomes students of all ages and skill levels. We are blessed to have a large coaching staff to ensure all students are well supervised.  Currently we have over 100+ members of all ages and abilities, from young children to adults. Our mission is to Build Champions and Leaders in Life Through Judo. We provide qualitiy instruction by our outstanding teaching staff. Feel free to drop by and watch one of our practices at any time, just make sure that practice is scheduled that day.  Check our membership page for more information on joining Leeward Judo Club.

Please contact our Head Sensei Kevin Asano for all your enrollment questions.  Contact Kevin Asano directly at (808) 306-9639.

Leeward Judo Club has two locations

in the cafeteria at Pearl City High School and

in Kapolei at the Auditorium of Hawaii Tokai International College.

For those who are interested...this is design for our shirt


in the front across the chest: Leeward Judo with the Kanji for Judo.

on the back left shoulder the word JUDO with the kanji character Fukushima superimposed over the top.  Tsuruo Fukushima is the founder of Leeward Judo Club.