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Here is an ESPN cover of “Yosh” Uchida head coach of San Jose State University Judo Team. Sensei Uchida is the former coach of both Sensei Kevin Asano and Sensei Mike Tanimoto. This fall sensei Matthew Ogata will also benefit from Uchida Sensei’s coaching. One this that is known about San Jose State, is their Judo. They have won nearly every National Collegiate team Championship over the years having taken home their unprecedented 46th title this last year (2012).  
There is also a NY times article on the revered coach as well.
--- Q&A: Kevin Asano, PCHS '81, Olympic Silver Medalist, Sensei, Financial Advisor
Kevin Asano is one of the most successful Pearl City High School graduates to date. Asano is an alumnus from the class of 1981. His story is one of inspiration that blends the success of reaching the level of Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, Korea to being a loving husband to wife Mari and a great dad to his children, Rena, Anna, Maya and Jordan.[read more at]
Asano's journey takes new path
While some 20 Hawai'i athletes prepare for the 2008 Beijing Games, one of the last Olympic medalists from Hawai'i is starting his fourth career. Kevin Asano, 1988 silver medalist in judo, former assistant pastor and current financial adviser, has utilized all those seemingly unrelated skills as author of a new book: "Stepping Onto the Mat; A Journey to True Success."[read more at ]
Olympic Medalist, Kevin Asano
Kevin Asano won the Silver Medal in Extra Lightweight Judo Competition at the 1988 Olympics. On his way to capturing the medal he beat Shinji Hosokawa who was the current World Champion and 1984 Gold Medalist. [read more at ]

Kevin Asano's website about his book "Step On The Mat".  The book detail's Asano's journey to the 1988 Olympic Games. [read more at ]