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Sensei Matt Wilson

June 8 Promotion party
This month we were blessed with the presentation by Sensei Matt Wilson.
Sensei Matt had some inspiring words about hard work, perseverance and how it all pays off. Sensei Matt, a practitioner of various different Karate also treated the kids to short Karate demo as well.
Matt Wilson is a Harvard MBA with three karate black belts in Kosho Ryu, Kempo, and Bok Fu. He's a partner in a Honolulu-based holding company that focuses on starting and building businesses here in Hawaii. Matt is also a U.S. Navy veteran, with over 6 and a half years of service as an intelligence officer. He lives in Hawaii Kai with his bride Natalie and newborn son Zade.

A Visit From Sensei Jose Bencosme

So for those of you fortunate enough to come on Friday May 6th. We had a guest instructor, Jose Bencosme, from San Jose State University (Asano Sensei’s Alma Mater). He is an assistant coach for the perennial powerhouse and was in town with Uchida Sensei to see the local players and ones that could possibly compete at the college level with them. 

During his instruction Jose Sensei had gone over grip fighting, and two Seoi combinations.
First combo was the Seoi into Kouchi-Gari           
The next combo was Seoi into Osoto-Gari    
Some of our students were amazed to find that we were learning some of the very same things that collegiate level players are doing.
Then Sensei Jose again addressed the club about the true essence of judo. That judo is not only about winning and losing on the mat, but winning and losing in life. And judo is just a manner by which we can practice to live our lives, with honor, with integrity, resepect.
Then as is our tradition Sensei Jose was given Omiyage and we took a picture with Sensei

Pastor Norman Visits LJC

After a short practice on a night the kids were to be promoted,
We had a nice short visit from Pastor Norman, of Grace Bible Church.
He spoke to the class about hard work and perseverance. This was an excellent message for the kids as many of them will go on in whatever endeavors they choose and have hardships. They will find that all things will not come easy, but if you put in the time and get up after anything and everything gets you down, you WILL survive, and you will be stronger for it.

Guest Instructors Nakano Sensei of SJSU and Sekimizu Sensei Of Tokai Japan

Our special guest instructors tonight included Nakano Sensei of San Jose State University (Asano Sensei’s Alma Mater), and Sekimizu Sensei of Tokai University in Japan.

First Nakano Sensei taught Morote Seoi Nage

Afterward Sekimizu showed another awesome new turnover...

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Alex Bremer

This month we had been fortunate enough to have Alex Bremer, Regional Vice President of Allianz, come to speak to our kids. Alex, having been a successful internationally competitive swimmer, knows a little something about hard work and competition. 

He spoke a lot about time and focus. He reminded us, it is not enough to practice. It is not enough to take time. We must use the time effectively and not waste the time we are given. Time unlike many other things is not a commodity that can be replaced. Once it is lost, it is lost forever, so use the time that you have, and use it wisely. Stop and take inventory of what is important to you, think about where you want to be and what you want to accomplish. And FOCUS your time on these things.