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Kevin Asano
7th Degree Black Belt,  Senior Advisor
Kevin Asano began judo in 1970 as a seven year old boy in Okinawa, Japan under Tsuruo Fukushima Sensei. After moving back to Hawaii he practiced judo at Pearl City Judo Club under sensei Yasuyuki Sakabe, Yotoku Maeshiro, Wilfred Shimizu, Warren Shimizu, Leigh Nakamoto, Tsuruo Fukushima, and Larry Iwamuro. Kevin received his 1st degree black belt (shodan) at 16 years old and was a three time national high school champion. In 1981 Kevin moved to Leeward Judo Club again under Fukushima sensei. He went on to win the junior nationals, collegiate nationals, and won a bronze medal at the 1987 World Championships in Essen, West Germany.  After 18 years of training Kevin earned a silver medal at the Seoul Olympic Games. In 1993 Kevin inducted into the United States Judo Federation Hall of Fame, the first of many such inductions.  In 2000 he was inducted into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame, in 2002 into the San Jose State University Sports Hall of Fame, and in 2008 the USA Judo Hall of Fame. He is a 7th degree black belt and a professor of judo.  Sensei Kevin was recently (2012) voted in as the President of the United States Judo Federation (a 10,000 member grassroots organization).
Kevin is a partner in Pacific Rim Legacy Group LLC, a wealth management organization, and the co-founder of Personal Transformation International, a non-profit organization committed to transforming individuals by helping them find their life’s calling. He is an author of the book, “Step onto the Mat” and public speaker. 
Here is an informational video about Sensei Kevin.
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Curtis Morita
5th Degree Black Belt
 Sensei Curtis started Judo back in the fourth grade at Hanapepe Judo Club on Kauai. He had continued Judo through out high school and into college when he went to LACC. While in California he attended Judo under Hayward Nishioka. Under Nishioka Sensei’s instruction Curtis had entered and placed in numerous collegiate competitions. After finishing school Curtis went back home to Kauai and trained at Hanapepe for another 6 years. After moving to Oahu and finding a career, with his young 5 year old son Brysson, Curtis returned to Judo at Leeward Judo Club in 1995 , then instructed by Fukushima Sensei.  After countless hours of service and with his vast background of knowledge, Sensei Curtis had taken over as the Head Instructor with Kevin Asano as the club advisor shortly after Nakamoto Sensei opened up Judo in Kapolei.

Ray Prosek
5th Degree Judo Black Belt
Sensei Ray started with Judo when he was about 7 years old. Ray had the opportunity and privilege to work with and get tested by one of the best Judo Senseis in Europe/ Czechoslovakia like Jan Stankovic 7thDan Judo, Oldrich Vasek 7th Dan Judo and JuJitsu, Radek Jaroslav 7thDan Judo and others.Ray earned and passed successfully his 1st degree black belt test (Shodan) at 16 years old under Sensei Jerry Prol, 3 years later while he was actively competing he also passed Nidan test and earned the 2nd degree black belt Judo under Jan Stankovic and Jan Vele (both Czechoslovakia Judo Sensei 7thDan) and started to work as a professional full time Judo and Ju- Jitsu/ Self Defense teacher- Dojocho at his own club (he started the Club with Sensei Thomas Brezny and Sensei Petr Stolba). Ray worked also as the head coach/ Sensei on Private High School of the protection of VIP persons and property back in Europe (Czechoslovakia). As a former professional civilian self-defense instructor as well as military combat instructor studied Judo, Jiu Jitsu and other martial arts all over the US and Europe including France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland, Belgium , earned many Black Belts during the +30 years of regular martial arts practice (9th Degree Black Belt- Kyudan in Ninpo Budo Taijutsu- the 6 traditional Ju Jutsu Ryuha Samurai Schools and 3 Ninja Ryuha Schools, and other Black Belts in various Japanese martial Arts including Judo) experienced many years of training at the highest level under 10th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Masters from Japan, USA and Europe. 

Ivan Yoshimura
5th Degree Black Belt, (Pearl City High School Boy's Head Coach)

Steven Nohara
4th Degree Black Belt

Neal Takamoto
4th Degree Black Belt (Kaiser High School Head Coach)

Derek Ishikawa-
3rd Degree Black Belt



Russell Ogata
3rd Degree Black Belt




Austin Araki
2th Degree Black Belt


Edward Iinuma
2nd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Eddie had come from a newer generation of Leeward Judo Club with Sensei Leigh Nakamoto at the helm. As a young sophomore at Pearl City High School, Eddie was urged by his friends to go out for the judo team. As it turned out Eddie was pretty good. He would go on to become the first ever State Champion at the Heavy weight division in the newly sanctioned HHSAA judo state championships. He would help compete in and coach numerous individual and state championships to Pearl City High School. 

After high school Eddie went to Cumberland College in Kentucky, a national collegiate championship school. While at Cumberland, Eddie had entered and placed in numerous collegiate competitions including a 3rd place finish in the 2005 collegiate nationals.? 

Sensei recently finished his third straight Honolulu Marathon! (2010)


Matthew Ogata
2nd Degree Black Belt

Robin Puahala
2nd Degree Black Belt (Pearl City High School Girl's Head Coach)



 Andy Toyama
2nd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Andy started Judo in 2005 as a freshman on the Pearl City High school team. As with many on the PCHS Judo team, it was with friends that he decided to go out for the team. Andy also wrestled for a year on the PCHS JV team. He had reached a crossroads and decided to focus full time on Judo, even going to far as to go to join Leeward Judo Club, with Kevin Asano as the sensei at Leeward Judo Club.  Andy's dedication and hard work paid off. Andy trained and became an individual State Champion, at the 220# weight class, to go with Pearl City’s team championship in 2007. Soon after the championships in 2007, Andy had received his Shodan (1st degree black belt). He followed that up in 2008 with a runner up finish, helping Pearl city to their second straight team championship (shared with Punahou) and 5th overall. This was in the Judo state championships 6th year in existence.  

Currently, Andy is working on his undergraduate classes at Leeward Community College

Gary Kuba
1st Degree Black Belt


Duane Nakamura
1st Degree Black Belt


  Kaori Nakamura
1st Degree Black Belt

Ray Ogasawara
1st Degree Black Belt (Waipahu Assitand Head Sensei)

Jordan Ogata
1st Degree Black Belt

Chane Umeno
1st Degree Black Belt